PFC 8 Card

Saturday, October 5, 2013

From Washington County Fairgrounds in Abingdon, Va.

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First Fight Announcements

Second Set of Fight Announcements 


Main Event (Fight Announcement)

Lightweight: Anthony Morgan (3-2, Fit Factory/Sevierville, Tenn.) vs. Adam Mays (6-5, Team FAST/Coeburn, Va.)

Welterweight: J.J. Stewart (Team FAST) vs. Craig Johnson (4-0, Fit Factory/Sevierville, Tenn.)

Welterweight: Derick Lambert (Pro Debut; 6-5 amateur, Mountaineer MMA/Princeton, W.Va.) vs. Jason Keen (0-5, Team Execution/Grundy, Va.)


Vacant PFC Heavyweight Title

Jeffery Sparks (Audio Interview) (4-5, Team Executiion/Grundy, Va.) vs. Jerad Oiler (1-0, Team Gurgel/Beckley, W.Va.)

PFC Light Heavyweight Title

Tyrone Jackson (5-4, Absolute Jiu-Jitsu/Bristol, Tenn.) vs. Dustin Koppel (0-0, Oak Ridge, Tenn.)

PFC Welterweight Title Rematch

Chad Smith (Champion) (3-0) vs. Evan Null (4-5)

PFC Flyweight Female Title

Ashley Lane (Audio Interview) (Champion) (3-2, Bolt's Martial Arts/Loudon, Tenn.) vs. Paula Riddle (Audio Interview) (2-1, Team Truth/Cleveland, Tenn.)

Vacant PFC Flyweight Title

Harley Pertee (Audio Interview) (3-2, Mountaineer MMA/Princeton, W.Va.) vs. Jessie McIntosh (3-1, Team Syke-O/Mountain City, Tenn.)

Lightweight: Nate Summers (4-5, Independent) vs. Trevor Wilds (2-0, Newport Combat Club/Newport, Tenn,)

190 Catchweight: Andre Gamble (0-0) vs. Jay Page (7-4, Tuco O Tapa/Johnson City, Tenn.)

Lightweight: Ayron Davis (3-3, Team Decimation/Wytheville, Va.) vs. Cody Rowe (2-2, Independent/Honaker, Va.)

Lightweight #1 Contendership: Kory Weigel (1-1, Fit Factory/Sevierville, Tenn.) vs. Sam Baker (6-6, Mountaineer MMA)

Featherweight: Gil Goncalves (2-1, Team Brutal/Tazewell, Va.) vs. Donny Singleton (3-2, Team Ludus/Johnson City, Tenn.)

Lightweight: Josh Cox (1-5, Independent/Pulaski, Va.) vs. Nick Keen (1-3, Team Execution/Grundy, Va.)

Welterweight: Derek Olinger (0-1) vs. Dylan O'Sullivan (2-0, Team Ludus/Johnson City, Tenn.)

Heavyweight: Robert Spence vs. Jesse Hensley (2-2, Independent/Gate City, Va.)


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